• not sure, try goggling it
  • 12/28/18 It's up (for today).
  • It is up the last I heard. If I remember correctly there is always a fluctuation at the years end and beginning of the new year.
  • It's been at its highest ever.
    • Charin Cross
      that's a bald faced lie and you know it!
  • [[]] Look at the 1-year chart. That's pretty darned "up". In fact, any view 3 months or more looks pretty "up".
  • It's the highest it has ever been.
  • don't know the date on this question (another thing I don't like about Answerbag) but it's 6-21-21 today. the stock market never goes up when Democrats are in charge. My portfolio has flatlined. Democrats don't believe in capitalism, but do like taking money from rich, wealthy people and corporations. this just goes to show how stupid politicians are, that they don't know where and how big money is generated. they think it comes from the gov't, but it doesn't.
    • Chicagoan
      "the stock market never goes up when Democrats are in charge." Of course, it does. WTF is wrong with you? Do you think NOBODY knows the truth? Your lies are uninteresting. As President, Trump's stock market performance was THIRD of the last 15 presidents in history, Guess who were #1 and #2 -- Obama and Clinton.
    • Charin Cross
  • it's doing fabulous
  • it's flatlining like Biden's EEG. I was making at least $100+ a day under Trump. Now I can barely make $1 a day under Biden's socialist stock market. They're paying people to stay home and not job hunt. most small businesses are gone from the pandemic. meanwhile the Democrat Congress is passing $3-4T bills our great, great, great grandchildren will be paying for.

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