• Get used to it. You're gonna need to suck it up and work when it's convenient for your EMPLOYER, not you.
  • you could try asking those jobs if you can conne in earlier and leave earlier
  • probably the food restaurant.
  • "While federal law does not place any restrictions on the work hours of 16 and 17 year old minor employees, Alabama child labor law does place some restrictions. A 16 or 17 year old who is enrolled in a secondary school may not work earlier than 5am or later than 10pm on any night preceding a school day. No other restrictions are placed on the work hours of minors this age." But everyone under the age of 18 must have a work permit. So I guess it depends on your state laws. Other than that when you fill out your job application they usually ask your availability. This is where you need to let them know you can only work until a certain time. If they hire you under these conditions they can't fire you for refusing to work beyond that time. However, they can find another reason to fire you if you let them. Or choose not to hire you if you can't meet the requirements of the job.

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