• they beconne stronger if you lose a sense
    • Linda Joy
      like how? Give examples.
    • Pearl Lederman
      their hearing nnight be better if they cant see
  • My brain has compensated for my eye sight so the weakness of one eye has caused the other to get stronger, Between my two eyes I have fairly good vision forming one eye. It is a wonder how the brain does these things. I can't see as well as I could but I can still see well enough to do most things including reading and driving. I do have problems with close up work.
    • Linda Joy
      I was hoping you'd answer this one. Thank you!
  • They don't. In much the same way as losing an arm doesn't make your other limbs "stronger". You rely on the remaining limbs more, hence they will need to become a bit stronger to compensate. There is no magic here, it's Holywood that started that "blind people have stronger other senses" crap. There is no scientific basis for it - hence they are trying to restore people's sight if they can.
    • Linda Joy
      Wrong again!

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