• Just open the image in Paint and save as a jpeg or other AB acceptable format.
  • Yes, open it up however you normally do then "save as" when you save it... and just below where you name the picture, there is a little drop down box where you can save it as a different type of image... tell me if you need more help.
  • I'm not sure... I got it to work the other day. I think this is how I did it, I added the picture to my pictures then I transfered it to my Kodak pictures and then I was able to upload it to AB.
  • try ...
  • YEA! I figured it out! I was able to use my Lexmark All-in-one-center software, that came with my printer/scanner/fax/copier, and it worked!!! Oh happy day!!!
  • Did you figure anything out for this as a process yet? What type of computer do you use? I am going to guess it's a Windows based computer? If you need more help, let me know. I can try to help, too.

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