• There were plenty of haters then, too.
    • Venus1485
      Not insane as they are now.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Right on!
    • mushroom
      There was at least one well-known TV personality who went on and on for some time about a birth certificate for the child of an American citizen. What was his name - Daniel, Arnold, something?
    • Army Veteran
      The birth certificate issue was never settled. Whenever someone presents a painfully obvious fraud of a birth certificate and claims it's real, there's something going on that he doesn't want you to know. Claiming the woman to be his mother doesn't make it so. There is still one way to verify his claims to clear the record once and for all - he supposedly has a sister with the same mother. He could do a DNA test and settle the debate, but he refuses to. What does that say? It says he's hiding something mighty serious.
  • They loved him. He could do no wrong in their weak minds. Now, liberals have gone insane with hate. They are starting a civil war.
  • I find hatred an unhealthy waste of emotions, What does it accomplish?
  • We were out rioting and pillaging. Oh we weren't.
    • Army Veteran
      You're thinking of the Party that represented, wait - you can't do that and be Marxist at the same time...
  • theyre everywhere
  • You see/hear of them in the news every day.
  • They were supporting Obamacare and still being indoctrinated in race relations. Obama set the African-American community back 150 years. That's how far back he was reaching to demand reparations, and that was the reason he gave a thumbs up to the Black Lives Matter terrorists.

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