• I remember when I was about 4. I believe it is large events of your life that help you remember at such young ages. My parents were physically fighting.
  • I get picture flashes of things that happened before I was two years old. maybe earlier.
  • It would have to be 2 years of age. All I can recall for sure is me showing people two fingers when they would ask me my age. I even recall showing those two fingers to Dad many times when he would come at me with his belt. It was about the same time I happen to tare into a old feather bed & throw those feathers into a big old fan they had running in the back room. Well it was fun while it lasted...LOL...I think I just may be the first to use those two fingers as a PEACE sign........M.C.S.
  • I think my earliest memories are from when I was about 3
  • probably 4
  • I can remember bits and pieces from when I was two or so.
  • I have "flashes" from when I was about a year and half. Maybe they are from hearing my parents tell the story, but I remember details, like the color of the front door that opened when my brother was brought home from the hospital.
  • 4-5 maybe memories of being at my grandparents and making homemade ice cream and sitting of the bucket while someone turned the crank, just couldn't to taste it.....
  • i don't know how old i was, but i was in a crib..i was put down for a nap and didn't want to sleep. i was screaming and thinking..they come when i scream..i fell asleep on my feet and then woke up really mad that they hadn't come..screamed once more and fell asleep.
  • four, walking on a wall holding my fathers hand.
  • Definitely, 4. I don't remember anything before that.
  • 3 yrs. my birthday. but besides that I don't remember most of my childhood, what I do remember, I think I got from pictures and stories from my grandma. I have more than a few memories after 7 yrs but that is vague. Actually my whole life is like this...hum. must have got dropped on my head or something.
  • I was 1 1/2. I drove in a purple car thing with my great uncle :D. and then he taught me how to drive the tractor.
  • I have a few memories in the 15 - 18 months range.
  • Around one and a half. We went on holiday and at a farm they took a lamb over to see me thinking I would like it but I was scared...of a lamb....
  • About 15 months, somthing about driving and apprently people were excited about it. After that it's all about soft, fuzzy pajaymes until about age 3

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