• Neither, just their opinion of what that'd be like for me, it's a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.. have your birthchart done by an accredited astrologer, and then get a one year forecast, based on your own personal birth info; date/time/place of birth. this way the astrologer can identify for you the problems you may be having and how you can help yourself overcome them. I KNOW I KNOW people make fun of astrology all the time.BUT THEY ARE THE JACKASSES WHO NEVER STUDIED IT OR AT THE VERY LEAST HAD THEIR OWN CHARTS DONE!!!!! so how effin' intelligent is THAT?????? not very. If I was a skeptic about it, first thing I'd do is have my chart done, and go from there..... BUT NOOOOOOO these jackasses give all the reasons why it CAN"T work and never actually try it themselves!!!! I better stop now before I get too further carried away!!! lol. but look into's certainly less expensive than spilling your guts out to an analyst!!!!!!!!!! OK???????????????? :-D
    • dumdum
      Never saw this one coming.
  • What does going through analysis mean?
    • dumdum
      Short for psychoanalysis -- : a method of analyzing psychic phenomena and treating emotional disorders that involves treatment sessions during which the patient is encouraged to talk freely about personal experiences and especially about early childhood and dreams, In depth as far as details and duration. Not all agree it has any worth, others swear by it. https://www.psychologytodayom/blog/headshrinkers-guide-the-galaxy/201401/what-is-psychoanalysis.c
    • AskingForaFriend
      I see :) I'm guessing you are a bit of a talker and your friends are lovingly poking fun- so a compliment and an insult wrapped up together? And why not do it? I'm usually pretty skeptical about that kind of stuff, but, isn't this just helping yourself under the guidance of somebody else? You run the show, right? Why not

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