• Happy Big Birthday !!! : ) ....I don't sing so good, so copy and paste the link ...
    • ARTICFOX700
      thank you Ice Man your the only one who answered, good things will happen for you, that's a promise
    • Ice man
      You're very welcome. : )
  • I'm so sorry Fox! I didn't forget when your birthday was I know it's the 25th of July the day before my grandson's birthday. I was having a rough time that week and actually lost track of what day it was until the day after my grandson's birthday. I don't know, maybe my mind was trying to protect me again but anyway I'm sorry I didn't throw you a party I did think about it twice once when I realized it was past your birthday and the other time was last weekend when I had the other party I thought it should have been your birthday party but after the fact it just seemed a little lame to do it anyway. Again, I'm sorry.

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