• It just dawned on me that there must be a percentage of the population that don't even know there were drive-in movies.
  • There are two drive-in movie theaters within 10 miles from here...Both always have a large audience...and both serve fast food...It's a shame that most people don't know about drive-ins.
    • Ice man
      Yes it is a shame, and there aren't any still open around here. It's probably been around 28 or 29 years. I use to love going to them on warm summer nights. The big trick was to get to the food counter just before intermission, or you'd be in a long line and the show would start back up before you could get back to the car. We use to get a big shopping bag full of popcorn for the old "Dusk till Dawn" specials.
  • I went to the drive-in as a kid. I remember taking wax paper and putting it on the slide to make us slide down faster and there was always a little puddle at the end of the slide if it rained. I remember seeing Play Misty For Me as a child at the drive-in inappropriate much?
    • Ice man
      LOL I remember Play Misty For Me. I guess it was a bit of a shocker at the time, but mild by today's standards.
    • Linda Joy
      Especially for a child.

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