• No I really don't think I'll make it another five years.
    • Ice man
      Why is my "bullshit detector" pointing to ... incorrect answer ? ; )
    • Linda Joy
      No intention of bs. Just a feeling.
    • Linda Joy
      My mom didn't live to see 60. And now I have breast cancer on top of everything else.
  • No. Mainly as there is a circle of superhot plasma surround the solar system which would kill any human easily. Most likely scenario is sending out robots to do the travelling on our behalf.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Right, well, that material is so the-opposite-of-dense that you'd never know it was there from the inside of a ship.
  • Probably not. Too bad because I'd really like to go for a ride in a space ship. Hint Hint to Carbonproduct.
  • Naw, it'd be too expensive to leave, let alone to come back, and I doubt anyone would sign up for a one-way trip to nowhere.
    • Linda Joy
      I would! I might even write a bad check under those circumstances! Or borrow the money. But I'd try 'gofundme' first.
  • If you count Mars I will say yes. Beyond our solar system no, unless I have another 100 years.
  • Nope, but I'm loving "The Expanse" TV show.

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