• If we can polish each others metal.
    • Linda Joy
    • Iron Mask
    • Linda Joy
      Are You The Man in the Iron Mask? Are you Iron Man? Are you a robot? What do you use to polish that metal? Email me. My addy is on my profile page. Maybe we can make sparks together!
    • Anoname
      HEY !!!
    • Linda Joy
      Hey, Hey, Hey!!
    • Linda Joy
      Do we have a 3 way?
  • Should I be jealous ?
    • Linda Joy
      'Bout fomcl @ that one!
    • Anoname
      ??? What ???
    • Anoname
      Fell On My C*** Laughing ?
  • Didn't know you were into heavy metal Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
      You might be surprised what I'm into! I'm likely to try most things at least once! More if I like it! Hahaha!
    • Roaring
  • Will you settle for wood man? *Barney Fife smug sniff* :P
  • Perhaps you can get him "annealing" at your alter.......: )

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