• "Zorro" according to my large Spanish-English dictionary means "womanizer" At one time it would have been fun to be Zorro but now I am too old to have more than good memories!
    • Linda Joy
      But when you get older is when you need a more active imagination! It's just far less likely to happen for real! LOL! I wish I had a large Spanish- English dictionary! Hey, will you look in there and tell me how to say 'peach cobbler' in Spanish? And look up 'grits' for me while you're in there, please sir? Thank you!
    • Thinker
      About as close as I can get to peach cobbler is, Tarta de melcoto'n and grits is granos de mari'z molidos.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you!
  • Sorrow? The gay one?
    • Linda Joy
      He wasn't in the movie!
  • Oops! Sorrow should read Zorro!
    • Linda Joy
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  • Dean Friedman to play Elena and Kellyanne Conway to swish her sword.
    • Ice man
      I hope, for Dean's sake, that Kellyanne's swishy sword isn't as sharp as her swishy teeth.
    • Linda Joy
      So y'all just want to watch, not participate eh?
  • Marty Allen as Zorro and Phyllis Diller as Elena.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! That would be a completely different movie wouldn't it?
  • dont know how to play that, never heard of that game
    • Linda Joy
      it's just playing pretend. Zorro is a movie and Elena and Zorro are characters in the movie.
  • I'll be Zorro.
    • Linda Joy
      Who do you want to be Elena?
    • TBO
      you can be her.
    • Linda Joy
      what scene do you want to play?

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