• Sure you can any time! My shirt pocket is a little full though with phone, pens, and batteries for my hearing aids. I would rather you walk beside me and hold your hand.
    • Linda Joy
      Where would we go? What would we see?
    • Thinker
      Well If you come here we can go to South Padre Island to the beach and then to Nuevo Progresso Mexico for shopping and dinner. If you want to travel to Colorado I would show you a vacation you would never forget Including narrow gage train rides, Chuck wagon dinners, 4 wheeling in the high country, and natural hot springs pools just to start. Maybe into Utah to Moab to Arches Nat. Monument and also into Canyon Lands. Is that enough?
  • Only chipmunks on saturdays
  • How tall and heavy are you? Not even a normal newborn baby would fit into the pocket of my blouses. You could insert your head into the sleeve of my kimono. You would see me send my daughter to school. Then, I will do some housework and go out to do some window shopping. I might buy some things. I have no definite plans about that yet.

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