• Go on, then. And a peach of an ass, too.
    • Linda Joy
      Now you've got my mind on hot peach cobbler right out of the oven with a dollop of Bryers vanilla bean ice cream! Mmmmm! I'm so excited summer will be here soon! Hey have you seen that site where you have to guess if it's butt cleavage or boob cleavage? Just thought you might like it! I gotta run again! B back later
  • I've got 2 out of 3. I'm okay with it.
    • Linda Joy
      Which two?
    • Mircat
      Pick 2 and go with it.
  • LOL sorry, no next time!
  • Nah (I'm a guy).
  • For what? Why the hell do women "want a great rack"? If they have one and a guy notices, the standard response is, "My eyes are up here!". It's like holding food out to a dog and then when it comes close, you kick it away. A "nice rack"? In all honesty, women couldn't care less - they care about their looks. It's pure vanity that drives them.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you ever consider that it might be the expectations of men, and society, media, advertising that is perpetuating the idea that looks are all that matter? At least she did say she wanted to be smart, too.

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