• After 241 years you'd think they would be over it by now.
  • I read a William Goldman book once where he said that the British love their valiant defeats. So I bet they celebrate right along with us Yanks.
  • 7-4-2017 The English never cared. It was strictly a bunch of Presbyterians defending their homes from a German king and his Hessian mercenaries. To this day they call it "The Presbyterian Rebellion" and they place the blame squarely on John Calvin, even though he had been dead for over two centuries when it started.
    • tominhouston
      I had never heard of the Presbyterian Rebellion. This is awesome. Thanks
    • Jewels Vern
      I am told that every colonel in the army, except one, was a Presbyterian elder.
  • I received an answer to a question that indicated anger towards the 'rebellious Americans' over the 4th of July Holidays I have no idea where it is right now but if I come across it I'll bring it back here and post it for you.
  • What most all Americans do not know is after winning the Revolutionary War and independence from England in about 1782 or 84 the USA signed a treaty with England returning the USA to England and is even today a Commonwealth of England.
    • Linda Joy
      This Wiki article on the Treaty of Paris 1783 says nothing of returning the US to England. What is your source of this info?
    • SaveFarris
      USA is not part of the Commonwealth.
  • They don't have a holiday on that day.
  • Nah. They're just pissed they don't have corn dogs and good bar-b-que and we know what a teabag is actually for.
  • probably, it irritates nne

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