• That very much depends on who i am speaking to and what the context is. If it's someone who i feel knows the real me, then it's easy. And when someone is having a hard time, i try to say something that may make them feel supported, and i feel that perhaps i am not too bad at this. I'm naturally a verbal person, so words generally do come quite easy. However when my negative conditioning takes a hold, it's a different story. If i feel that the person i'm talking to is judging me, or doesn't care for me, or doesn't like me, then i clam up like a snail in his shell and the words just won't come out.
  • Not often enough, I have a tendency to say things exactly as the response formulates in my mind..Often times that can make me seem insensitive or cold..I should struggle more often for the right words..blunt is not always best :)

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