• Yes, I would. I served my country too. What I need to say the most is ... many people gave their lives so that we could all live our lives in freedom. To those brave men and women , I salute you, you have my respect, and my heart. To those that don't understand my words .... many young people went to war .. scared shitless , many bravely sacrificed their lives ( they didn't all come back) ... to insure that you can live free today .. such that you can live in a lifestyle of your choice ... be it gay, or whether you need to wear 4 colors of hair, or you can vote ... at all , otherwise it would be like Russia, where you have 4 political representatives ...but they all represent the same totalitarian regime.
  • Yes, thank you!!
    • Linda Joy
      thank you!
  • I can do it all by myself

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