• You have to choose a destination that fits your interests and budget.
  • You can plan a trip by not tying your shoe laces and land on the ground as a destination
  • Consider where you want to go and look up the costs to get there, plus food, lodging, getting around via taxi/bus/etc. Add a little money to all of that just in case prices change, as well as some money for unexpected occurrences that might come up. Determine when you want to go and arrange everything you need to- time off work, any responsibilities you'll need someone else to take care of (pets for example). Try to do everything well in advance. As for the trip itself, consider what you really want to do and see on your trip, what landmarks/tours are important to you and plan days to go see them. Be careful to not just make the whole trip one stop after another after another. Include some downtime, some extra time for travel in case complications pop up, and even some time with nothing planned. You can run into some great things when you have nothing to do and just wander around your destination!
  • call a travel agent and they will plan it for you

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