• Came close once when I was a child. I was swimming near the edge of a pool when suddenly everyone started yelling at me. There were too many voices and I couldn't make out what they were yelling. They seamed to be pointing at me. Someone then ran up and pulled a small baby out of the water RIGHT NEXT TO ME. The child had fallen in beside me but I didn't even know it. Missed my big chance.
  • Several times. Having been taught how to render first-aid, when I was young, has paid off over the years that followed.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you feel responsible for them after that? Did they feel an obligation to repay you?
    • Ice man
      I didn't really feel responsible for them, but did check up on them later. I never wanted anything in return and assured them that their thanks was enough for me. One guy's wife insisted on baking cookies for me ... until I moved away.
    • Linda Joy
      Aw that's sweet!
  • I pulled a young woman out of water when she started to drown.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you ever see her again after that?
    • Mountain Momma
      Yes, she was a close friends younger sister.
  • Yep. Just a part of the job.
    • Linda Joy
      You're awesome!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Nope. Just doing my job.
    • Linda Joy
      And that makes you even more awesome!
  • not that i know of but someone saved mine when i was drowning in the ocean when i was a kid
    • Linda Joy
      I'm really glad you're still with us!
  • If saving a persons career counts then yes. Guy called me and said " I will lose my job if you cannot help me " so I helped him. Few weeks later he offered me a job I did not qualify for , but still felt about him still being employed. If this does not qualify as saving a persons life then no
    • Linda Joy
      It might could count as a leaner Fox. Lol. I mean you never know what might have happened if he lost his job it could have meant the end of his life you never know!
  • Yup, every time I drive!
  • Kidding?
  • not that i know of
  • No. It seems overwhelming.
  • I saved a young girl by running her a tepid bath,, I was living with these folks when I was pretty young.. they took their daughter to the dr,. when they got home.. he told them that saved her life..
  • Yes, an old man who was about to get a ton of steel dropped on his head and a boy who fell off a railroad bridge.
  • In high school, I had a classmate tell me I saved his life when I swerved to avoid a car that was speeding into oncoming traffic, but I figured that was just defensive driving. In college, a different classmate told me that I saved his life when I stopped him from touching exposed high voltage leads in the lab, but that was just being a not-horrible lab partner. After I graduated, I found a stranger in a public restroom who choked on his own vomit and was turning blue from lack of oxygen. I called 911, cleared his airway, and administered chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. The man's family threatened to sue me for legal and medical fees, because he was under the age of 21 and had alcohol and illegal drugs in his system when first responders arrived, and the police charged him with a litany of crimes before he left the hospital. His family also told me that he had mild brain damage from the incident. After they couldn't find a lawyer willing to take the case, I never heard from them again. The last thing they said to me, 20 years ago now, was "this isn't over." They tried to tell the police that I had some involvement with providing the young man with illegal substances, so I lawyered up, myself. I had never spoken directly with the victim, and never saw him before nor after that, never used nor handled illegal drugs, and from what my lawyer told me, he had said in deposition that he never recalled seeing me at all. No one ever told me that I saved his life, but, for once, I am quite certain that he would not have lived if no one found him in the restroom, although I believe that those five or six months of my life would have been far more productive if I hadn't gone out to that restaurant that night.

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