• im never happy with the way i look. im always moaning about something like my hair not being right my make up being wrong etc etc. its a confidence thing
  • LOL!!! You took the words right off of my face :-) WHen I was younger I had problems with my thin lips but I also had four tiny little humps on mine, not just two if you looked real close. I still have a thin upper lip but the bottom one filled out some in my 20s. Still have those annoying 4 humps. No one notices and then I tell them and they insist on getting reeeeaaaaal close and staring right at me. I deserved that! And I never liked my nose. Thought it was a bit too large or hooked or something, and that my nostrils were too squashed together making them more like slits. It's funny what we think when we're younger and how we change thru the years. I am okay with how I look. I'm a bit overweight, would rather not be but it's a lifelong thing and I've adapted and gotten used to it. I'm still healthy and blood pressure is fine, cholesterol great. Just a few back aches and headaches is my domain. (Did you ever wonder why domain is spelled without an 'e' but romaine has one?)
  • I didn't like the typical awkward pre-teen years. Don't we all have the awkward age?
  • I think I look okay, but I can always find something wrong with myself. Usually, it's my eyes that I don't like.
  • Yes. I mean, I'm getting a little chubby, and I'd prefer not to go that route. Not that there's anything wrong, besides health reasons, but I feel more comfortable smaller. I would like to fix my teeth, but I don't not smile because of them anymore. I'm okay with me, for the first time in my life.
  • I'm 31 and I just got asked for ID to buy a bottle of Bourbon at the local supermarket (legal age is 18 in England). People tell me it's good to look young, but given I am an accountant and give people advice in my job I'd like to look a bit older to command a bit more respect.
  • I liked it better when I was in my 40's but the older I get the cubbier my chubby cheeks gets:)
  • Yep. I have no problem with my looks. My age has finally caught up to them. I always looked older than I was. Now, I look my age. It's cool.
  • Yes as long as there are no mirrors about!
  • I was always pretty happy with how I look, except for my stomach, but then my girlfriend told me that she loved my stomach, and now it doesnt seem so bad anymore! :)
  • Nothing was ever as easy when I was younger as it is now. I feared turning 30 last year but when it came.. all I can say is now that I am turning 31 soon.. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Getting older will suck in some areas I am sure.. I see crow's feet now and I cringe a bit but I feel like I can slowly pace into growing old.. instead of the rat race of sprinting there all the while picking on my every flaw like I did when I was younger. I would not go back to my younger years and all the pressures of being a teen for nothing in this world. We put too much pressure on ourselves. I am comfy in my shell. It fits!
  • I'm happy with the way I look. Of course, I have some things I would change, but they are minor (teeth, jiggly thighs, etc), and it's normal to feel that way.
  • I'm okay... I always had issues with my nose cause I broke it twice... but I can deal. My teeth on the other hand were wretched and I got them fixed. I'm average.
  • My Mother used to tell me I would" pass in a crowd with a push", I suppose she meant that I was pretty average. I have never had a lot of confidence in my looks except my eyes and I am happy with those. Particularly now I can see out of them also.
  • I was also insecure about myself, specially my height. I think I overcame that, plus I have an average height now as I grew still on my late teens. I'm OK with the way I look, many people don't believe me when I tell them about my age, they think I'm younger. I just gotta watch my weight more, I guess : )
  • I'm fine with how I look. People tell me all the time I don't look my age and at 58 that's a GOOD thing. I have very good genes so I am aging well. I wish my boobs were smaller. Yes, you read that right. I wish they were smaller. I am not hugely buxom, but I just wish they were smaller.
  • I've grown into my face and it is still changing. I am stuck with it and try to use it to show people something of what is inside of my through my expressions. When I was a kid, I learned a camp song to the tune of "Blest Be the Tie that Binds." It goes like this: "I know how ugly I are. I know that my face ain't no star, But I don't mind it, For I am behind it. The one in the front gets the jar." That has come to express my outlook quite well :)
  • yes sweetcheeks...she has cute cheeks on top and on the bottom:)))) T what do you think???
  • yes but i wish i was taller since people like to discriminate

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