• No, we were much happier 25 and even 50 years ago. I know I was happier when I was young back in the 1940s even during the war.
    • Linda Joy
      Times were simpler then. But my childhood was not a happy one overall I'm much happier now. But I don't think most people are.
    • Thinker
      I can't say my childhood was always happy. My parents fought seemingly all the time. My sister (7 years older) and I generally had a good relationship. I did become withdrawn into my own life and have relied mostly on my own. Through it all though as you said times were simpler then and good.
  • Well 25 to 50 years ago people were not as spoiled as they are today. There were jobs which were outsourced since due to computers. Also I was much younger back then and was happier today not as much. Everybody I knew is gone including my family so yes to the question. I think if you go back 200 years ago life was easier. Today everybody is to thin skinned and make things to complicated.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes many loved ones are gone now. But my life is less complicated. I think 200 years ago life was way harder than it is now. In reality I guess you get used to whatever life you're in.
    • mushroom
      For example, if this were 1819, you'd still have to wait another four years to catch the first bus. But you'd have to do it in France.
    • Majik-1
      People didn't worry about catching the bus as they were just happy to have a farm horse or 2 healthy legs or comfortable shoes. You don't miss what you've never had!!!
  • no, i think they were happier back then
  • depends on the person, everyone is different
  • I would be inclined to say the past, yet in presence there is this, always-available unconditional happiness that does not depend on conditions.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      You might be on to something,there. You pointed out something that I have forgotten. :)
    • Linda Joy
      You can also be selective about which memories you choose to entertain. But this question was more about whether abundance, money, technology has improved our lives or cluttered/complicated them. Still there are many ways it can be answered, as you demonstrated.
  • No,that is such a myth. There was just as much war,and more famine. Lots of things to be miserable about!
  • It's all a matter of perspective. I might say better 25 years ago (25 years younger is a plus) but someone else might disagree. It's subjective to each person.
  • In the world in general? That's an excellent question. It's merely impossible to say objectively. I think people in the USA were generally happier in 1995 than in 2020, subjectively. The US economy seemed to be growing quickly, we had no international enemies of significant threat, and music was much more enjoyable. But, on the other hand, a few crazy people were pissed off enough to go blow up a building in Oklahoma City that year. Abroad, things were worse, I think, than now: Rwanda and Bosnia were both in the middle of genocide, Japan's subway trains were being gassed by terrorists, and France was building a nuclear arsenal. For me, personally, I was 25 years younger, had significantly fewer worries, and it was before I had lost several of my own loved ones, so I was happier then than now, but I think that's the typical canned answer that applies to just about anyone who has aged 25 years.
    • mushroom
      It may have seemed there were no international threats, but the WTC had first been bombed in 1993 and our government agencies were too ham-strung to prepare a proper response, just as dozens of plane hijackings in the 1960-70s led to no meaningful security protection of airliner cockpits.
    • bostjan64
      "significant." I suppose that word has relative meaning, though. I mean, if we are going back pre-1995, there was the Cold War and the threat of "mutually-assure mass-nuclear annihilation," which came too close for comfort a number of times. One such incident was dramatized in the song by Nena, "99 Luftballons," except, in the song, balloons were mistaken for ICBM's, when, in the real incident, they were merely clouds that led to the planet coming just one disobeyed launch order away from doom.
  • I'd say happier back then, there was more of a community spirit back then, people will happily walk past if you are being attacked today. Also, the community use to take on any trouble maker, where as today the police wouldn't allow that. I'd say social media has actually stopped this generation communicating with each other, it's like the zombie apocalypse. People order things online, so they don't have that shopping experience as a social outlet, what with the self service tills, is another way to eliminate interaction. There is more sex and violence on the television now than there was then, in fact some of it is so explicit it leaves nothing to the imagination. People didn't pump their faces with botox, or their bodies with silicone. We didn't have reality television programmes as we do now, some which are on dogging, human dolls (that's men who like to dress up as dolls), children in drag, transgender children. People made do and mend whereas today it's a throw away society and then they want to try and convince us that we are a climate friendly nation. You can't fix your own car because they are all becoming electronic. There is more CCTV than ever, you have a mobile phone that tracks you, a box on every car over 2014 that can track you, a smart meter that keeps track of every appliance you use in your house and when, even what Television programmes you watch, and when you are in and out. This is a nation where privacy has lost it's value, and where blogging, and selfies are the in thing.
    • Linda Joy
      Good answer! Although I could probably name a positive side of almost everything negative you listed. Its kinda like Archie said, it depends on your perspective and how hard you try to see the good. I guess I'm really blessed to have good neighbors, though the neighborhood itself is not a good one.
    • Archie Bunker
      I agree 100% with the social media issue, cream. Where you're wrong is that people won't walk happily by you if you're being attacked. Instead, they'll take video and post it on their news feed. "Holy shit! Look at this dude getting shit kicked out of him!! Hit the LIKE button below."
  • I do for my family its true.I was happier 25 years ago. 50 years ago even my oldman was happy.
  • People used to make their own happiness!!! You didn't have to lock your doors as nobody broke in to murder your family while you were sleeping nor steal anything that you had. Neighbors took turns having other neighbors over for a meal & it was held at a different house each day of the week. You sang, played musical instruments, danced, played games, laughed & enjoy being around others. When your garden came in, you shared with your neighbors & family. People weren't selfish & didn't covet what their neighbors had. We may not have been happier, but we had NO idea that we were unhappy!!!
  • Its very easy to say I was happier back then but was I? First I can't remember everything that happened back then but I'm sure I was worried about my alcoholic family and my insane teachers. I was also worried about girls and not having any money. And yes grades, too. I was worried about that. Now none of that matters. I'm still not satisfied. lol 😊
  • I have a lot more money now so I am not struggling as I used to struggle.

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