• What is spam ?
  • The day of the 800 numbers spam attack I reported around 100 of them and still hadn't made a dent.
    • Linda Joy
      Wow! Thank you! That must have been the day I was in the penalty box. They're still doing it. Today I started scrolling past them. I didn't know if they were the same ones I had already reported.
  • I figure they know.
  • I've realized this is the way to go. I called the number on the spam message yesterday and learned they are not the ones spamming us. The man was calming, reassuring and polite. They are just trying to do their jobs of providing customer support.
  • For those of you who don't know how to report spam you click the yellow flag at the bottom of the question and then select spam and submit report.
  • i havent seen it on here much except for that one time and everyone else was already reporting it anyways so i figured theyre already doing that
  • Just reported one this morning. Perhaps the alleged Dan will see it in a few months, or not.
  • Start none, there won't be any. When you start your cowardice I'm going to BRING IT!

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