• they all sound like good quotes
    • Mushen
      I think they are a load of rubbish.
    • Anonymous
      Nah Mushen, the quotes are good "food for thought"!
  • They are all very nice, perfectly good quotes and utterly meaningless rubbish as well.
    • Linda Joy
      Show me better ones.
    • Linda Joy
      oh I see you're not bold enough to ask a question you only criticize mine! PUH-THE-TIC!
  • The most intriguing is this one: 6.To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. It is the moments where happiness is present regardless of the conditions, that lasting happiness is found
  • None. All sound like good philosophical sound bites, but in reality they mean very little. The only quote you really need remember is: "wise men quote from experience, fools blindly follow."
  • Time wasted on foolish pursuits is idiotic. Quotes are a dime a dozen. A fool studies the wind.
  • Im not into inspirational-like or affirmational type quotes.
  • I like number 3. I like this humor.
  • they all sound like good ones
  • "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions." --Kwai Chang Caine "Kung Fu" (1972) "All we are is dust in the wind, dude." --Ted Logan "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" (1989) "The truth is where the sculptor's chisel chipped away the lie." --They Might Be Giants "The Statue Got Me High" (1992)
  • And from another great philosopher: "Hmm.. thinks 1, 2, 3, do the Nicki Minaj blink"
  • Number 7 has a ring of truth. Many of the victims of war are civilians yet in many wars there is no clear cut winner. That is why only God will soon be able to do away with wars from the earth and bring about true peace.

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