• I think one person appreciated some kindness once...out of a whole month of nonsense. But something tells me genuinely helping one person is success no matter how long or when it happens.
    • Linda Joy
      Wow, I have been here less than a month!
    • Linda Joy
      3 weeks. I just looked on FB where I posted asking for a good Q&A site.
  • not sure about on here if im helping anyone but ive helped a lot of people on yahoo answers, i like to go into the family section and help kids out with their family problems
  • not sure how many questions hopefully everyone of my answer helps someone. I remember one where someone wanted a name for her child which was not biblical related Gave her one she loved it not sure what happened but if you run into a guy named Oliver he might be the one.
  • i see too many nonsense questions here, the ones where i feel like im helping is when i get into yahoo answers and help kids out with their family problems
  • All of them.
  • Don't know - haven't reached that point. God still stands behind me saying, "nope, that's not the one. Here - look!. Answer this one - say something about your dog leaving his calling card. They'll get a kick out of that one...". 😇

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