• Well, this site definitely isn't about bullying -- but it often is about being snarky. So I guess it depends on how you take it.
    • Linda Joy
      It was removed.
  • The place has had trolls since I've been here, and I'm an oldtimer. Best to ignore them and move on.
  • 4-30-2017 Poopyhead. Edit: I think I meant this to post on a different thread.
  • That would be like shooting a cuddly puppy. He must feel vegetarians are uninformed and misguided. As you know all foods are "clean" to eat for Christians. Even Judaism allows meat eating as long as you avoid certain animals. That doesn't mean that a vegetarian diet is pointless. There are many benifits to avoiding too much meat. Many could improve their health by cutting out fatty cholestoral filled meats. It seams he was the one that was uninformed and needed an education.
    • Linda Joy
      Awww! Thank you! (Hugs)
  • Don't take it to heart. There are silly and extreme people on all sites. I take it you've never heard of Yahoo Answers? As for vegetarian breakfast foods. Most dishes tend to be too light for a good breakfast. But I suppose you could do a big fruit chaat to really get you up and running. Assuming you like spicy food.
    • Linda Joy
      Of course I've heard of Yahoo answers! Why would you assume I've not heard of Yahoo answers? That's ridiculous!
    • pearllederman
      are you on yahoo answers? i am
  • thats not supposed to happen
  • This is an open to the public free site. They dont interview you to come on and answer. So you take a chance at getting a sincere answer from someone who actually knows or someone who knows absolutely nothing or someone who thinks a smartass answer is fun or someone who might be downright loopy or a troll. You take your chances. I'm sorry that happened for whatever it's worth.
    • Linda Joy
      Thanks this happened so long ago Now I can't remember who wanted the information.
  • Nah, probably thought you were talking about banning his guns and too close family relationship. Veggie breakfasts I always like a huevos rancheros but with applesauce (if you want it sweet) or arrowroot and chilli power in the mix. Some breadcrumb mushrooms or even stuffed peppers go down a treat too. It really depends if you like something spicy in the morning or something sweet.
  • Take the comments with a grain of salt and move on. Everybody hears stuff they don't like, no need to get worked up about it.
    • Linda Joy
      This was shortly after I got here. I've moved on I don't hang out here as much as I used to.

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