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  • Let's say yes. Let's say that sex is! And he's still the same friend he was. The uncomfortable feeling will pass.'ll be a bit closer than you were. But only a woman would imagine that sex = married. It's just a fun activity you did together! (It could have been a game of ping pong! See? Don't worry, be happy. People do have "friendships with benefits". It happens. It's only if you start feeling matrimoniously bonded, and so possessive that trouble could start. Go watch that Seinfeld episode where Elaine and Jerry try this, and then realize they shouldn't do it on an ongoing basis, because for them, it's problematic. That's the worst case scenario. You'll work it out. You'll still be friends.
    • Mr PantsFellDown ... That's just a short bit of it. The episode was called "The Deal". And it didn't work, and they had to just be friends (no sex again), & everything was fine, & it should be.
    • Natz
      Thanks. I love the way you said it.. it coulf have been just a game of ping pong. I wil definitely watch tgat episode. I really feel beter now. I wil give it a bit of a break, but glad that there can be hope for friendship again.
    • AnonymousGirl
      I don't really see how anything good can come out of this unless the guy is stellar understanding.
    • Natz
      We actually talked. And we are friends again. It will stay with friendship. He is actually very understanding and a very good friend.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
    • jonnboy
      Yo Natz I have bedded quite a few of my female friends , Some were married . I found that if I really satafied them [ Got them off a few times ] The married ones usually felt guilty , For a short while . A few of the single ones were a little embarrassed and avoided me for a while . But i was patient and understanding with all of them . Natz don't be in such a hurry to give your male friend that [ i just want to be friends story ] Natz what is wrong with his being a friend with benefits ???? Unless he was a bum f %% ?
  • i would just tell him you only want to be friends
  • No I don't think so .. I don't sleep with female friends without a connection that means I want more and marriage then Sex and Kids
  • I can't be friends with a girl who I slept with and had sex well I wouldn't let that happen with me but different strokes for different folks , you just never know what can happen in real life ?
  • Emotions are decent servants, but crappy masters. Either you control them, or they control you.
  • No. You'll destroy his heart because he'll think that you think he was lousy in bed.

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