• No one assassinates the ones that should be assassinated. This is because it's bad people who'd think killing is a way of getting a thing done. So said bad people killed the Kennedies, and MLK....and covered it up forever, and took all your rights away and jobs and hope and ...replaced that with rich people getting obscenely richer, while the middle class becomes third world-ish. Stupid people go along with propaganda, encouragement to support this (calling them merely stupid is being too kind.) Meanwhile the good people should have and should fight back, fight fire with fire...but they don't have it in them to behave like that , so bad guys take all, and even buy the entire media so they can broadcast fake news about how they won and everyone supports them. ....And we all go merrily to hell, thus.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I totally agree. I'm adding this is why every civilization fails. I just want to add also people don't want to be seen as the mad fool dissenter who spreads any truth when its drowned out by police and helicopters. Thinking proper is a hard hard thing with people, and the laughable notion of what good should be. They suck man.
  • I don't know that much about Garfield or McKinley but they were both assassinated. In fact every president with the exception of Lyndon Johnson has been threatened with assassination since Kennedy was assassinated. Sad
    • Linda Joy
      In fact the metal detector was invented in an attempt to find the bullet in Garfield.
    • Army Veteran
      I didn't believe you and went to look it up. I was astonished at how correct you were. An interesting fact that I'll long remember. Thanks.
  • Well they tried to kill Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin D Roosevelt. they was good presidenst. But both survived.

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