• Well, when they suggest these things about you, do you respond by going "Shut up, or I'll cast a spell on you!" ? Or perhaps, "If you guys don't stop, I'll have my cat eat your testicles and make it rain frogs, just as soon as I'm done baking cakes for Beltaine!" ? mm.. Well, you could probably stop saying specifically those things and it may help. Also casting spells on passersby, while on the front steps drinking Snapple is a possible tell. Oh, and the thing you learned from Kids In The Hall? (you know "I'm squishing your head!" " I'm squishing your head!" ? While it may be all in a day's work for a guy with a lawn chair and no job, still, you probably should stop hanging out at the mall doing that. Oh and reading books on witchcraft, at the Town Hall meetings...probably not a good thing. And that book you published? You know, the one titled, "I AM in fact the anti-christ AND a witch, damn you!" ...yea, you might want to change your name and move to Boise, cuz not even a spell can fix that! O_o Just sayin'
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      LMAO!! :) Thank you,I needed that!
  • Just be you. There is nothing you can do about what others think nor should you care. As for learning about witchcraft I have no interest.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Thank you. Well,my mother practiced witchcraft,but I won't. Have that's why they think this...? I just realized as I'm typing this comment that ppl just probably associated me with her because I'm here daughter. Thanks! :)
  • By the way, I was just messin' around there. Why would they think these things? Are you dressing Goth? or Emo? Because that's kind of asking to be viewed that way. You know, finding one's identity in life takes time. Years in fact. Everybody else goes through the things you do too, ya know. Youre not alone. Just whatever you ya got so far, be a good that you, and as time goes on, more and more you will become a fuller more complete you. See? So you don't need to put on a 'show' to look like something! You already are you (in progress). So just let that real you shine! Be confident, be bold, tell a joke, share a human moment and let people know you're one of them. And then just enjoy the right now, because tomorrow will come and it will work itself out as it should. You don't have to fuss about that. Find happiness each day (but do your work! of course) You do have a goal in life right? College hopefully? Or maybe you are gifted at music or art of some kind. Or maybe you are great crafting things with your hands....and should do wood working or something. You gotta feel free to explore and find what floats your boat. And when you do, grab it and go "yay!" and go with it ! ....Thats what Mr Pants thinks. (If anything at all that I said actually applies to your situation *shrug* ) Good luck..
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Thank you for the helpful advice. I was gone for while thinking no one would answer my question. You helped alot. :)

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