• No it's not.
  • How would a boutique cleaning company be different from a cleaning company?
  • If its what you want to do and the potential clients back their words with appointments then go for it. This is a business that wouldn't take a lot of investment to start, especially if you start with cleaning supplies you already have on hand I wouldn't invest a lot of money up front though. Just add as you earn.
  • I don't see anything weird about that.
  • It depends on the average income if the business perishes, but I'd love the service myself, though I'm poor, lol.
  • Not 'weird' but WAY WAY TOO SPREAD OUT...... you can't juggle so many balls at one time. .....something's bound to go wrong at some point or other, with SO MANY services being offered. I know I, as a consumer, would question using good could you be if you are offering all those services!?!?!?!? AND IN A SMALL TOWN? how many customers could you possibly get and keep? in a small town, that is....... I'd stick with 1 or 2; organizing is kinda big right always is, from what I hear over the years.......decorating? not bad, but AGAIN, NOT COMBINED WITH ALL THE OTHER THINGS!!!!! You want your name/company name to be associated with 1 or 2 in 'oh yeah, they're the ones who did such and such for so and so.......and they loved it'........NOT.....'oh you mean the cleaning/organizing/decorating/party planning place? well........." pick 1 or 2 and do them well, and folks will 'beat a path to your door'.... Good luck!!!!!!

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