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  • Does anyone care?
  • Well, it doesn't seem you can scroll back further than...I've never counted, what. the last thirty or forty answers? I mean there's no button to go to the "previous page" there's a lot I cant see. And if there are threads with more than forty or so answers, I can't see them anyway. So if it stays this way, then 100 is more than we need. But if they fix this problem, then my opinion is there should be no limit. People tend to start a new thread when they get to be 20 pages long or so (that would be 400 comments at a 20 per page forum). So...dont really need a limiter, because people will limit themselves, from what I've always seen.
  • I care! Every time I've seen a question in the question list that has a hundred answers it won't let you add another answer to it that's why I'm reposting them so people can answer.
    • Roaring
      And glad you are so I can contribute. That can be a plus to refresh an interesting question.
    • Linda Joy
      I saw it put them back in the list, like I did a bunch of yours when I answered them.

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