• No. Because the air isn't breathable and the climate isn't nice, and it's nothing but rocks and dirt and bits of old spaceship. They got no 7-11, no hookers. How could life be possible under those conditions? *blink*
    • we are dough 68
      On the flip side, there are no bible-bashers !
  • No. There are no McDonalds.
  • No, not enough gas stations to ride my motorcycle.
    • we are dough 68
      Buy an electric scooter.
    • Ice man
      That idea would about be about as much fun as eating out an 150 year old Sasquatch maiden, even if she's still into "it".
    • we are dough 68
      So, are you buying one or not ?
  • If they made it habitable I might give it a try!
  • No, I am doing fine here and have no need to go off somewhere as dry and barren as Mars,
  • yes, it might be more fun than earth
  • Moving to a new planet is not easy. What if they don't like newcomers.
    • Ice man
      Who ? The rocks and dust ? : )
    • breton
      lol I agree. Who would welcome me. Would first need vacuum. To much area.

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