• Top freedom (topless) is legal for a female in 34 states anywhere a male is allowed to be top free. 2 states have laws forbidding top freedom. The rest usually do not prosecute unless there are other violations. Full nudity is allowed in all national forests. I fully support top freedom everywhere and have no problems with full nudity.
  • I'm all for it. Double time!
  • Hell yeah !! I'll sign that petition repeatedly ...
    • we are dough 68
      How's your new lady friend?
    • Ice man
      Nothing short of fantastic. How are you getting along with the turtles ?
    • we are dough 68
      Me and the turtles have gone our separate ways. Those cannibalistic bunny-boilers put too much wind up our sails. Really happy for you and your lady friend. You are a great guy.
    • Hogey the Roguey
      The turtles & I have gone our separate ways.
    • we are dough 68
      Fanks four corectting mee.
    • Ice man
      Sounds like Daffy-Duck .... : )
    • we are dough 68
      Looks like Daffy Tong.
  • Ironicly, it actually is legal for women to go topless on subways in New York! This was the result of a woman who wanted to sue to keep men from getting on the subway without shirts on. Her argument was that it was unfair because women can't do the same. So the judge actually issued an order that women could ride the subway topless too. He was trying to make a point about how ridiculous some complaints are.
    • Thinker
      New York City is a top free city. She was completely within her rights to be top free.
  • No I do not. We have enough to distract us when driving, riding, biking, walking, jogging or running. Imagine a man driving to work -returning from his lunch break- He see's a very attractive, young, topless woman waiting for a bus. He's going to get distracted and end up involved in an accident. Why? Because ANYTHING that can grab our attention longer than a second shouldn't be allowed. We have lost a lot of loved ones because of texting alone. why add another distraction to the list?
    • Thinker
      This may be true in the beginning but as soon as the new wears off and top-freedom becomes common as it is with men it will not cause any problems and be normal.
    • Werewolf87
      Breast feeding has been around since the beginning and women still get into trouble for doing it today; especially in America. I predict allowing women to go topless would cause them just as much trouble.
  • 6-30-2017
    • Werewolf87
      Interesting... They were only slowing down to get a better look. My Dad would stop, hop out, motorboat each one, make them laugh, hop back into his truck then move on to the next one.
    • Roaring
      Says video unavailable
  • National top freedom day is August 26th. I hope there are many who wish to participate in the parades and gatherings to celibate and further the rights to be top free.
  • Only if they support mens rights to comment on the skin and shame on offer,
    • Thinker
      ??? don't understand your comment.
  • No! Not at all it's going down a slippery slope.
  • 8-15-2017 Aside: I drove limos for a few years and I have seen so many nekkid chicks that skin just looks like work clothes.
  • Send me a picture of what she looks like first, then I'll render my opinion.
    • Linda Joy
  • Yes. North America has made this a sexual issue when it is not.
  • In many European beaches it's very common! However I once met a group of French ladies il Lon island (shelter island) to be exact. They were all topless.
  • Funny, in the recent Women's March I saw signs for about a hundred different groups and causes but not one demanding the right for women to go topless. You might be the only one in that movement other than a bunch of drunken college guys.
  • no, i dont think they should, guys will be harrassing them
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      No they will not. No guy would do that.
    • Linda Joy
      Soooo not true!! I still have trouble keeping mens' hands off me with my clothes ON!! I thought that would ease off when I passed 40 and put on a few pounds, and definitely by the time I turned 60 for crying out loud!! Nope! If you're a woman you have to learn karate to keep their hands off!!
    • Army Veteran
      I never thought you would, Hulk. You don't seem to be the type.
    • Linda Joy
      Really?!! A self confessed PUA?
  • That depends on the woman.....Does she have missile launchers or does she have duds. lol
  • I don't support sexual assault - so why would I support the bait?
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Spoken like a true liberal.
  • No, I find that irresponsible on their part as many men find boobs arousing and sexualised and so I find it indecent in our society, of course in aboriginal society etc they are not viewed that way so men don't go round with erections. Save it for the nudist beach, or in your own home.
  • If a man can a woman should be able to. I don't particularly want to see topless people of either gender in a supermarket but in the park, on the beach, in the pool, why not?
  • nope!..skanks would only want that
  • No. Breasts are to men what laser lights are to cats! They'd wreck their cars oogling and never get anything done!
    • Creamcrackered
  • Yes. Feel the freedom girls. That would be a nice view.
  • Women should have the same rights as men.
  • There's an episode of "Married with Children" that addresses this topic. (Maybe it was a two-parter?) Most hilarious episode in that long-lived TV series. Al Bundy illustrates the issue to the protesting women with a troupe of topless fat dudes break dancing...I gotta admit, I'm pretty much with Al on that one. That also applies to topless fat dudes break dancing.
  • Yes but how would they see?😕
  • Yeah sure.
  • Women and Men are equal.
  • This is what I think about women going topless:
  • Are those the same "rights" as the abortion "rights" found in the Constitution? It's found in the section that guarantees Liberals the "right" to not be offended.

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