• La Dolce VIta....saw it when I was 20 and it's been on my mind ever since, and I'm 75 now!!!! LOVE this film!!!! Fellini's 8 1/2'.....another one that's stayed with me......I watch them both from time to time......NEVER EVER tire of them!!!!!!!! only ones I can think of for now...............!!
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      Thanks. I did see both of these. I'll give them another look.
  • I Am Cuba. It's photographed in black and white (also infrared) and is amazing.
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      That's a new one for me. I'll check it out
  • Mulholland Drive. David Lynch at his best.
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      Lynch's work really gets into my psyche. After watching this, maybe the third time, I was starting to get a sense of what eyes we were looking through.

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