• Yes, actually I do because they taught typing in my grade school.
  • Yes, I am a touch-typist. I have been for 17 years. Obviously, I know what the home keys are.
  • if the home keys are asdfjkl;, then yes, i use them.
  • I only have one home key on my keyboard, and yes I use it quite frequently when typing long documents.
  • F and J are slightly ridged on my keyboard, but as it's an MS Natural keyboard it's split into two and angled at a natural degree to fit the way my hands rest on the keyboard - lets me type faster and doesn't hurt my hands after an hour or two of typing. I touchtype anyway, so I don't really find a need for the home keys - useful occasionally though just for subconsciously checking that my fingers are in the same place if I'm retyping a written document (and therefore not looking at the screen!)
  • yes, all the time, im not good at that much but this i am (im pleased to say!)
  • Yes when I actually use a keyboard. Not so much on my phone, which is the only computer I have right now.

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