• We are dough? Is that you under a new assumed identity?
    • Hogey the Roguey
      What the smeg are you babbling on about? I am Legion (a.k.a. Smeghead, Dave Lister, Cat, Kryten, Killcrazy, Baxter, Olaf Petersen, Todhunter & all the other characters from Red Dwarf) under a new assumed identity. Don`t you remember me? I am assuming, you were on the old Answerbag. If you were active on it between 2012 & 2015 then you do remember me.
    • Anoname
      Yes. The Red Dwarf guy. I liked that show until they took the position that there is no God.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Hogey the Roguey is definitely not "we are dough" under a new assumed identity. For one thing, Hogey doesn't bully other members for nothing or post vindictive lies about them. As it happens I know who Hogey is and he is in fact a decent guy, which is more than I can say for that other sadistic, perverted troll.
    • Scotslass
  • Once, I was the victim of a malicious lie on the part of a vindictive troll who had a grudge against me and an unscrupulous CL who sided with the aforementioned troll and somehow believed her pretty, lilly-livered lies. The truth is, I did absolutely nothing to violate the terms of use.
  • Twice. Both in 2015. First time was for messaging other members to warn them that they had a nasty troll on their friends list. I didn't deserve to be boxed for that but it was worth it in the end because 78 members unfriended the troll I mentioned, so at least I could gloat about that. The second time was for mocking other members' questions, which wasn't even against the terms of use and I'd been doing it regularly for four years. I was a victim of a personal grudge and I have reason to believe that the person with such a grudge was one of the community leaders.
    • Hogey the Roguey
      78 members may have unfriended that troll, but she didn`t throw in the towel, did she?
  • I wasn't on the old Answerbag.
  • Not on the old Answerbag. I was in the penalty box once which was last year. Someone did not agree with what I said so they were being unreasonable by reporting me. I never responded to that person’s answers ever again in order for me not to be reported again.
  • I wasn't.
  • Some ppl say they posted the same answer twice. That is AB's fault since they often don't mark Qs that you have answered.

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