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  • It's done through cross pollinating the male and female plant. A larger amount of space is needed and it can take many plants to find the right one. The resulting new strain can however be fairly profitable. You have something no one else does. You can take clones from this new plant or go for seed production. First you have to collect the pollen from the male plant, this is usually done by placing a bag over the plant and shaking it. Then you transfer the pollen to your female plant. The seeds it produces are the new strain. Choose a name, a common way to go about this is: Strain A x Strain B - Or you can choose something on your own that describes the high or color of cannabis it produces. There are a lot of names already out there that might not even have anything to do with what it is, this is because a dealer will sometimes rename his stash to market it. Usually a larger commercial grower or just someone with a lot of time and some $ on their hands will create new strains. Your everyday hobby closet/cabinet grower is not likely to do this although some do.

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