• You want ideas on how to get better?
    • ben0102
      Just what it could be and next steps to take to get it better
  • go see your doctor and he will let you know whats going on
  • fingers sound like nerve damage and your knee needs an orthopedist.
  • Numbness in the fingers can come from damage to the fingers, wrist and neck, so best get this checked out, you may have nerve impingement. My friend has had motorbike accidents, his neck problems caused numbness in his fingers. Left shoulder pain may be from collarbone, or you may have torn ligament in the shoulder, or referred pain from the collarbone, again very important to have this checked. Knee pain could be arthritis, unfortunately injuries make you susceptible. You might want to try a healthboard for people who have suffered similar injuries
  • I can't recommend this strongly enough: SEE A DOCTOR.

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