• 3-14-2017 Get out of the house and don't ever go back. Wife beaters almost never straighten up. Get out while you still have teeth.
  • Why did you marry such guy? You better break up with him when you're still dating.
  • GET OUT NOW! File a police report on him and show any bruises he has put on you. If you don't do this it will get worse until he finally cripples you permanently or kills you. Do not think for a moment he will change. He won't until he dies. Get an order to have him stay away from you and file for divorce right away
  • Seems more like you need to get him into rehab to deal with his drink problem. Aggressive drunks tend to fight people for no other reason than to vent.
  • GET OUT! GET OUT NOW! NEVER TAKE HIM BACK! I can't stress this enough. There is a cycle of abuse they abused then they say they're sorry they will be the kindest most generous loving people in the world and they will do anything to make it up to you and then they get angry and then they do it again always always always they do it again. Get out now!
    • 11stevo73
      Hopefully the poor girl run for her life in 2017 going by the date on the top answer. Linda is correct every wife beater I have known promes never again and breaks that promise.
  • if someone did that to me i probably wouldve called the police on them
  • i would dump him and also call the police on him

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