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  • If you want to know some things you can do ill tell you although this a little funny because im 13 but... Anyways you can rub your clit. My middle finger feels best with it. I dont have any toys or lube so i do with what i have. My bath has jet so that feels good. Ive heard that you can stradle a pillow. Another thing to add. I used to think to orgasm i had to have cum cominf out of me. I didnt know what an orgasm was. Its this feeling thats sorta surging down there. You could try edging. Thats when you get close to cuming then you stop. Make sure the next touch wont send you over then go again. Try adding more fingers to your clit. Dont hurt to much i accidentally did that. I dont really finger because it never works so. Do whatever you need. You might already have this answered but. You dont have to listen you me we both are just trying to figure life out.
    • Emma Girl
      That sounds hot

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