• 3-2-2017 Too many words.
  • Please understand that our feelings for someone to do give us the right to own them, control them, or limit them in any way. She is just living her life doing what she does and enjoying her friends which include you. Why are you not doing the same? What do you lack in your life that you are focusing so much attention on this one person? If you don't have a life of your own then perhaps you are looking to her to give you a life. Which is unrealistic - you have to be yourself and make your own life. Are you so lazy that you just want to take her life instead? You can like her and still have your own life but you have focused all your feelings on her which is never good because you don't leave room for anyone or anything else.
    • LadyGrimhilde Ðorsa
      Ok what should I do? Can you please guide me and tell me how to behave and just act normal and idk just do my own thing as u said

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