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  • I draw the line with cheating. It's different of course when it's a couple who's into swinging/swapping, but I draw the line with fooling around with another woman's man behind her back. Friend's exes to me are fair game. They broke up for a reason and I haven't let that stop me from having sex with my friends' exes in the past. I figure if someone's unattached, then I find no harm in trying to seek out love and/or pleasure with them. I've slept with friends and friends of friends as well. I have slept with co-workers before. Employers and co-workers are okay as long as the work environment can remain professional.
    • officegirl
      Interesting, thank you. I guess years ago we were so into proclaiming our "right" of sexual "freedom" that we didn't think enough of other people. And certainly I always thought because I was not pretty or beautiful that those rules didn't apply to me since men would not take me seriously as far as any long-term relationship anyway. We didn't call it "cheating" then that I remember but rather "fucking around".. As I became older I did think more about maybe I am hurting someone else. Agree about exes. And have made a point of staying away from employers and co-workers for many years which really is one reason I think I have been able to keep this job for so long. Like somehow if they had to think about our having sex they didn't take us as seriously professionally. Which I think has probably changed to some extent now. But I am pretty susceptible, especially at my age, to men of my generation who say they had given up on sex with their wives or altogether until they met me etc. which I know might be not strictly true but I buy into it sometimes because it still makes me feel desirable and good about myself though I know they are married, as of course they know I am. My husband knows most everything I do although some of it I'm sure he is not so happy with for moral and other reasons.
    • ladyEmma
      One thing I should have explained a little better is that when I've had sex with co-workers in the past, it was at jobs that I knew were only going to be temporary for me. I can definitely see staying away from that when being at a particular job for long stretches of time. It's not something I would do now, but there were situations in the past where I felt comfortable with the guys and trusted them to keep it private and not make an unprofessional situation of it. Also, as for friend's exes, I would only sleep with someone's ex well after they were apart and there was no chance of getting back together, my friends had moved on, and perhaps my friends would be with someone else at that point. Usually it would be something where I would run into a friend's ex a couple years after they broke up and something would happen between us.
  • I don't intentionally date anyone who I know had relations with a friend. Turns out my current love interest slept with one of my friends before, but I didn't know until later. We talked about it. It's a bit awkward for me, but we are able to look past it. Also I stay away from co-workers. Much easier to view them in a platonic light.
    • officegirl
      OK thank you for your answer. Yes best to stay away from co-workers.

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