• She likes you and values you as a friend but perhaps is not that attracted to you. I would not expect anything to happen until she becomes more ready for you. No reason not to be nice and friendly tot her though. You can even ask her out but just don't expect anything to follow from it. Don't come on strong because that will just confuse her.
  • 2-12-2017 Ask shorter questions.
  • Me and this girl began talking for 3–4 months we immediately became very close. We have told eachother everything. When we began getting closer she told me that she has been through a lot of heart break and she likes me but wants to take things slow. I understood that and respected it. She has told me a lot about her past and I understand why she wants to take things slow. ive been nothing but an incredible guy to her though, I've met her after work with lunch for her, taken her out, surprised her with a nice Christmas present. I'm a christian guy and so is she and we often have deep conversations about God and we have the same values and morals. She came to church with me as well. She knows that I want to be something more for her and all I want is to care for her and treat her right. I've been introduced to her family and they absolutely love me. Shes told me that her parents love me more than her. But now it has gotten close to Valentine's day and she often sends me mixed signals and is sometimes very general. So I decided I needed to talk to her and ask her for clarity and just to ask her what she wants with this. After asking her, she told me that i am an amazing guy in every way possible but she is not ready for a relationship. She says she cares about me a lot but she's not ready. She said she prayed about it and her parents who love me think she needs to wait too because of her own problems. She told me that I am an incredible guy who deserves so much and if she was dating me she would want to give me the constant attention and give me the love that I deserve but she can't do that rigjt now. She said she just isn't ready now but she could see something in the future. For me this was painful and I'm hurting thinking about it. Because I care for her so much. She's constantly running through my mind and I am just so set on her. She means the world to me and she is the perfect girl to me in every single way. So being friends just hurt me so much. Because I honestly want more. At first I didn't think I could be friends with her and I ignored her for a day but that hurt me just as much. So I'm stuck in pain between not being something more but then in pain with being her friend and having to see her smile her perfect eyes and wishing that she was mine. It's only been a week since our conversation and I've prayed about it and thought about things a lot. I just don't know If waiting for her is realistic and if she's being honest. But she is really the only thing I want. I need help. What do you all think? I just need some other perspectives and if any women have been in this situation. I really appreciate it.
  • I believe that she likes you but does not want to rush into things and get herself hurt again.
  • Talk to another girl.
  • I've been there. I went ten years after my first divorce and it's been 17 since my second. Most people won't wait they're the ones that would probably cheat on you anyway. People are not possessions. The best you can hope for is a lifelong friendship anyway so what's the problem? Why rush it and ruin it? You can't possibly know each others irritable habits yet. It usually tastes about two years for the lust to burn off before the true love begins being built anyway! If it really is love it will still be there later.
  • If patience comes naturally, then be patient.
  • LOL, wait if you're a sucker!

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