• This question certainly does not have much to speak for it. If human beings are individuals unique unto themselves, then to classify a race or country as prejudice, although you are wrongly using that word, or racist regardless of the characteristics of the individuals who make up that country or race is - in some sense - prejudiced or racist. I would also point out, with reference to my last point, that you are using the term prejudice incorrectly and that it is NOT inherently a bad thing. As Edmund Burke pointed out, "Prejudice is of ready application in the emergency; it previously engages the mind in a steady course of wisdom and virtue, and does not leave the man hesitating in the moment of decision, skeptical, puzzled and unresolved. Prejudice renders a man's virtue his habit; and not a series of unconnected acts. Through past prejudice, his duty becomes part of his nature." (In other words, prejudice is at worst, a neutral concept. If your prejudice is that Chinese people are dumb, that's bad. If it is that human beings are all special in the eyes of God, that's good. It depends on what the prejudice is.) As to racism, typically society's that are based on a sense of linguistic or ethnic identity may be more prone to seeing it, but here again you have a definitional problem. Racism, strictly understood, is a doctrine that postulates a hierarchy of different peoples who are assumed to share certain characteristics regardless of their individuality and is rooted in some historical or pseudo-historical argument. (National Socialism (Naziism) obviously comes to mind. The National Socialists postulated that the competition of the races was the driving force in History - with a capital "H.") To think of one's own as in some sense better is not inherently racist unless there is some schematic doctrine undergirding that view. Otherwise we are potentially dealing more in bigotry than racism. (I say "potentially" because to think of one's country more highly than others, for example, is not inherently bigoted, either. "Bigotry" must involve not just a sense that one is better, but a pejorative view of others who are not like you. Put simply, one can think well of one's own without necessarily thinking ill of others.) In short, "prejudice," "racism," and "bigotry" are three distinct things. Bigotry is apt to be much more common, and per Burke's definition, we could probably not make any moral decision unless we had prejudice, properly understood, to guide us.
    • Ice man
      Thanks for your opinion professor.
    • dorat
      Eh, it's one more answer than you had before. Cheers!
    • zwatcher
      that's a tough one, i'd say runner up is african americans but the winner and still champion would have to be Indians the indies type, not the native americans, they have an issue with ckin color so bad they bleach their daughter's skin because the fairer the better and if you are dark you are less then
    • Ice man
      @ zwatcher- Thank you for your input, it is appreciated..
    • Linda Joy
      Surely he's not a professor! He didn't even answer the question!
    • Ice man
      No he's not a professor, he's a diplomat from Washington, who thinks his shit doesn't stink, and he's got a few "kinks", that I'm sure his bosses wouldn't want made public, but what do I care ??? Actually I have to be up to be up at the crack of dawn and don't really have the time to answer, but thank you Linda, I'll respond as soon as I get home( I'm on the other side of the country. (It could take a week). Thank you soo much dickheads.- Jewels ... if that's the best you can do .... then you're in for a good one !! If you don't have a proper answer to the question, then take a pass and Fuck Off !! I'll get back to you later !!
  • strangly enough i think the most racist people are Asians. Sure white supremecy in america and europe is super prevalent especially when it has to do with wealth and distribution of wealth and services but to me Asians are the most racist. Asians hate other asians, more so than a white guy hates a white guy or black people hate each other. it seems strange but china is one example, they wont accept citizenship from non-chinese people unless it were certain specific circumstances.
    • C3Po
      But there are many cases that can be said about all races being racist against themselves or each other, there isnt a true leader in racism in the world and my asian example is not to be taken as the majority. It was just an observation. Everyone is capable of racism as much as everyone is capable of not seeing race as a categorical thing, placing people in a category makes me ill. were all humans, many different, many alike.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. I don't think it's so strange and agree with you. I have witnessed it myself.
  • 9-16-2017 All humanity is a single race. There are 190 to 250 nations. Sometimes the number varies on a daily basis. Only 21 countries have governments older than a century. So you are talking about a fleeting perception.
    • Jewels Vern
      BTW here is a tribe so hateful they will kill you if you set foot on their island.
  • The USA is by far the most hateful of other persons, races, countries, or any other way Americans can come up with to hate. It started with the Indians in America and is now has a hatred of Mexicans and Muslims. It makes me sick the way Americans are about other peoples.
    • dorat
      Yes, I was just speaking with a Rohingya woman from Myanmar whose family was wiped out by the military in what the U.N. has designated a clear case of "ethnic cleansing." (You may have seen something about it on the news, recently. Assuming on the basis of ambiguous evidence that you care to stay informed about such matters.) Seriously, "Thinker," your moniker mocks you. There is a meaningful philosophical distinction between the imperfect and the downright awful. Please, go to school, go learn something.
  • If anybody is racist then they are racist to them self because there is only one race and it is called human.
  • not sure, i think thats everywhere

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