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  • Nice smile Feb. 07
    • officegirl
      Thank you.
  • That's actually a hard question. I am tempted to answer than I know it when I see it. Obviously physical attraction is part of it. When I first met my gf it was at a political reception. She was an economist for a trade association. (Until then, I had not realized that they made sexy economists.) I had been through a bad time and was not looking to be with anyone. I started talking with her because that is what you do at receptions - talk to the guests. The funny part is that I didn't even realize that she was good looking at first. It was only when I started talking with her that it gradually dawned on me that - hey, she's kind of hot. (Sidenote: My gf told me later that she saw me at the reception and her first thought that I was cute - so she made sure that she was alone at one point in the evening and that I would see her and come and talk to her. She trapped me!!) The other thing that strikes me is a sort of confidence. My gf was not boastful or anything, but she knew her mind and she was well spoken. Yet, she was kind. I liked that she could be so independent and yet it was not arrogant. She was trying to make me feel good - and at that point, she didn't know a thing about what happened to me before she met - she just seemed to care and was even a bit flirtatious. Whether this all adds up to sexy I guess I have to defer. She is the love of my life, the mother of my children and my best friend. Whether I am seeing her through the prism of that love, I am not sure. (I know that the first time I saw her naked I got an incredible hard on and could barely control myself.) I also - I won't lie - admit that I find that a woman who is willing to make herself available to me sexually - that she sees her body as something there to satisfy my needs that she should give to me the way nature intended - is wildly attractive. This may sound terrible, but while I think I should do all that I can to please a woman and satisfy her, I don't (most of the time) want a woman who sees me as her sexual equal. (That sounds terrible, I know, but what I mean is I need that sense of being a man, of being the protector and suchlike. Sorry, don't get mad at me.) With the other women I have been with, again, physical attraction played a big part, but if it went beyond mere sex I always find that balance of confidence and kindness and sophistication to be attractive. A woman who cares about how she looks and yet seems to carry it effortlessly. A woman who is sexually adventurous - boy! did I hit the jackpot on that one!!!! - but keeps that aforementioned sense that I as the man should be - sorry - dominant. So, that probably didn't help very much. I look at what I have written and it is all over the board, but at least it will give you a sense of what I mean.
    • officegirl
      Thank you.
    • dorat
      Right back at ya - as always. Oh, and thanks for not yelling at me. I know that some of what I write really irritates you and I suspect that there were a few lines in there that I expected to earn myself an earful. I thought I was going to be in BIG trouble with my most reliable pen pal. Cheers! (and kidding - a little, I think.)
  • It can be almost anything. different things to a man can be sexy in a woman. Eyes, hair, fingers, clothes, anything. All men are different.
    • officegirl
      Of course, thank you. But what is to you? If anything.
  • Personality, iQ level, attitude, appearance [natural hair color and cup size] and body type. All combined the way I like... Yip, yip-Ahrooooooooooooo!

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