• Kiddo, you're interested but he isn't. If you'd slow down and put your engine in neutral for a bit you can re-read your own question to see the problem: 1. He doesnt start the conversations, you do. 2. He ignores texts. 3. He doesnt comment on pictures you send and he doesnt send any to you Telling him you arent a good conversationalist is the same thing as trying to get him to feel sorry for you. Trying to entice someone by using a negative character aspect is down right self-degrading and desperate. NEVER USE THAT IN ANY RELATIONSHIP, ITS PATHETIC. You are wasting time on this guy. He isnt interested. Re-read the 3 descriptions that you wrote about him in your story. He just hasn't been rude about it hoping you'll get the picture. I think you have and thats why you are desperately wanting to use the feel sorry for me ploy. Everyone you meet is not The One. We all go through a lot of toads trying to find our prince. Let this one go and keep looking. The one who is interested will text you and suggest getting together. Good Luck
  • I have a novel idea.... trying talking to him. Knock off the texting bullshit.

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