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  • Of course you have feelings! And if you get to know someone and like him of course you want to be with him. Nothing happened so there is nothing to ignore. You can ask him out and tell him you like him but sounds as if either he has not decided how much he likes you yet or is perhaps embarrassed about the prospect of sex considering his inexperience. Which may well be the case. So if you want anything to happen you may need to be a little forthcoming which of course does risk rejection.
  • Not sure, based on what you wrote, what happened between you two. However, it is pretty clear that you care for him. Speaking as a guy I can tell you that, particularly when we are inexperienced, we can be very shy and embarrassed about wanting sex - if we really care about the person we want to have sex with. (If it is just casual sex, we will tend to be much more aggressive.) By the way, you also need to take into account that he may have moral objections to sex outside of marriage and you need to be aware of that possibility. However, if not, then be reassuring to him. There is an old saying. "Pay a guy a compliment and you will get a million miles out of him." If you want to be with him, tell him. It is possible that you are misreading him - there is no way for people on this site to judge for sure. However, it does not sound like it. One thing I will say, if you want to have sex with him, praise him, tell him that you think he is attractive and that he is a great person and - you might even use the words - that you want to share your body with him. That kind of thing will make him feel like he is desirable and he will want to have sex with you - again, assuming that he is interested and that he has no moral objections. Unfortunately, there is just no way to know.based on what you wrote. On the surface he just sounds like he may have been feeling shy and uncomfortable after an evening that he enjoyed but that did not necessarily go the way he had planned.. I know that sounds odd. The stereotype is that the guy knows what he wants and usually it is sex. However, trust me, once he meets someone he cares for, the dynamic changes. He'll want to be the best for you - and he is never sure until you reassure him if he quite measures up. So you decide how far you want to go - and you adapt the words that work best for you. That said, the bottom line is that if you care about him, that should not be something that is hard for you to give him. Good luck. You sound like a lovely girl. He will be a very lucky guy.
  • Unless you are a robot, then you have feelings. You said it yourself that you think you like him, so you are expressing how you feel for him.

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