• I'm sorry but your line of questioning focuses too much on Trump. Who is just an elected public servant. Why not ask yourself the same questions. What are YOU going to do to stimulate "job growth" (please see my answer to your other question about that)? To help "green energy" (whatever that is)? To lower the deficit? We need to stop worshipping and coddling "stars" and start working ourselves to make things better instead of sitting around and waiting for others to do it for us. Most of what the government can do is limited - tax breaks to encourage one thing or another. To "lower the deficit" you simply stop spending. Less government agencies and employees, less programs, less hand-outs and bail-outs. Which of course draw opposition to the people who have no resources of their own and have come to depend on federal spending over the years which has created generations of lazy and thankless and self-righteous do-nothings. People need to get up from behind their computers and get out and hit the streets willing to work hard enough to create jobs for themselves.
  • Paying taxes might be a good start.

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