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  • Not sure if this qualified as non-sexual, but if I hear my gf in the shower - we have a bathroom off our main bedroom - I will tend to start to think of her naked and that can put me in the mood. In really warm weather, she sleeps in her bra and panties and that can do it too. One time I called her while I was on travel and after I got off the phone, thinking of the sound of her voice did it - I started masturbating. All of those might be read as at least indirectly sexual, so I don't know if they qualify - though in the case of the phone call, the subject was anything BUT sexual. Still. the lilt in her voice does something to me. Especially if she whispers something to me, it can set me off.
    • officegirl
      Just read this - 2/14, thank you. I would classify all those as "sexual" - directly or by association. Sounds like the sexual tension between the two of you is so constant - difficult for me to relate to that in a continuing relationship. Don't you ever just talk or hang out? Hah just kidding - its great. I'm so amazed that people really do wear underwear to bed and not just in the movies.
    • dorat
      Well, you DO have to be in the mood. Grant, if I had a bad day at work - or she is exhausted by the kids, then the neurons don't fire. You asked what things CAN stimulate me. "Can" is not the same thing as "ALWAYS." So I promise, we do talk. In fact, sometimes I think my gf thinks that I talk too much. Cheers!
    • officegirl
      I was more referring to things like changes in temperature, wind, catching a motion in the corner of my eye, vibrations that shake a room or building or car. Perhaps things like that don't affect men. I mean besides just the presence of men. Which is why we learn to focus just on our work and tasks at hand - because it can sometimes be like a mine field. Our bodies start preparing us for sex - nipples harden, breath becomes shallower, that feeling comes in the pit of our stomach, we start lubricating. (new paragraph) I know when I become enthusiastic I do tend to go on too much at length. Which guess you have figured out be now! And I know I go on. And when I become unbearable my husband has a little motion he makes to let me know enough already - a little cutting motion with his hand, like OK now cut it! Most of the time I am pretty quiet and low-key. (new paragraph) D. I have never been with anyone who wore his underwear to sleep! Occasionally making love. Which is why I thought that was only what they did in motion pictures so as not to show nudity. Please have a great day.

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