• There really is little that you can do if your parents disapprove. Naturists clubs are EXTREMELY strict about admitting minors without their parents or legal guardians, so that leaves you with few options. However, I would quibble that you are too old to go around the house naked. Of course, it depends on how much your parents will tolerate. I grew up in a house with an older brother and sister and a younger brother. My dad was a doctor and he tended to see naked bodies as less suggestive of sex and more as objects of science. So, while we were NOT naturists, we grew up tending to be really easy going about nudity. (About the closest we came to naturism is that we had a backyard swimming pool and - especially if maybe after we got done doing lawn work or playing basketball - we would strip down and skinny dip and then sunbathe.) We boys - being boys I guess - tended to be naked, or at least in our underwear, more often than my sister. Still, I can remember in high school - so about your age - going to the shower in the morning totally naked and my naked sister coming at me from her room racing to get to the shower before I did. So then, if she got there first, I would shave and brush my teeth in the nude while she showered. Again, it was not a lifestyle, just more a habit. (Going downstairs naked to get clothes out of the dryer if they had been left overnight. That kind of thing.) In terms of "public nudity" - if you want to call it that - we did was breakfast in the morning. My mother - as a doctor's wife - was socially very active and we had a neighbor lady who would come by for morning coffee every now and then. So in the summer, she would be sitting at the breakfast table and down my younger brother and I would come, tossle haired, in our tighty whities, grab the cereal bowls and sit there in our underwear eating our Cheerios. My mother - who used to say that having naked boys around the house was the price of doing business - would say, "Boys! We have a guest." We would look at her - as she would be trying to look anywhere but at us - and we would say, "Morning Mrs. Miles." Mrs. Miles would say to my mom, still not looking at us, "That's okay Diane, it is their house after all..." and there things would more or less end up - sometimes my mother would put her foot down and we would come back down in shorts but still shirtless. Again, it depends on what your family is used to. For what it is worth, I only saw my dad naked rarely - and then mostly at the gym locker room. I never saw my mom naked - and in all of this, nothing was ever sexual. (My sister caught me masturbating one time. We could not look at each other in the eye for a week after that. Now we laugh about what we call, "the incident.") Anyhow, and I have to say it may matter more if you are a boy - there is a little more tolerance for male nudity - than a girl, and it will also matter more if you have much younger siblings. (When I was 17, my sister was 18, my brother 21, and my younger brother was 15.) Knowing your family better than I do, push the envelope. Come down for breakfast in your underwear. Go from your room to the shower in the buff. Respect your parent's tolerances and rules, but there is nothing wrong - at least in my view - with family seeing each other naked or at least in their underwear. I grant, every family will be different. Having grown up with a medical doctor father was probably a huge reason why I see nudity in a rather relaxed way. One other thought, though - a bit of science. If you grew up in a family that tended to be restrictive about nudity, the odds are that, with time, you will tend over time to move that way yourself. If you are a male, one of the reasons that a nude lifestyle may be of interest is that your hormones are surging, your sperm count is rising and you are sexually maturing with your brain racing to catch up. (Socialization takes longer to develop, obviously, than instinct.) The human male is programmed by evolution to seek out sex with as many females as he can. One of the ways our prehistoric ancestors attracted mates was by "displaying" - showing your erect penis to indicate a readiness to mate. Well, now we are civilized and wear clothes, but your instincts to display are still there, and so you enjoy being nude. Not saying that is what is at work here. (If you are a girl, it is less likely. Females have a displaying instinct, too, but it is less intense and, as girls mature more rapidly than boys, women tend to outgrow it faster and at a younger age.) You may have a genuine intellectual interest in naturism, but it is possible that, with time, you will emotionally mature - I don't mean "mature" pejoratively, I simply mean that our minds develop and change and socialize with time - and that your desire for public nudity will decline.
    • dickw60
      nudity (naturism) does not equate sex!
    • dorat
      Agreed, but many parents DO equate the two - and in any case, Naturist camps and clubs are extremely strict, as I noted before, about allowing minors unescorted into their facilities. My point was cultural - in most Western cultures nudity tends to equate with sexuality. The view you hold is a distinctly minority one. The cure for that? Seeing a bunch of naked people at the buffet table.

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