• I'd say as often as you like, I've never seen a suggested timetable. Some health experts suggest we should sip all day, while others just say that we should drink around 2 liters, or 1/2 gallon per day. One article I read recently recommended 8 times 8 ounce glassfuls per day, but again never offered an actual timetable. That sounds like a lot to me, but I'm not an expert. I would think it should depend on your activity level. BTW - Welcome to Answerbag. : )
  • I would disagree with what many people and might say and state that I don't think drinking a lot of water is good for you. Because it dilutes everything in your body and causes you to lose important nutrients that way that come out of your body in your natural elimination when you do to much water. Same would apply to any liquids - no more than a few glasses a day. If you are really young you can have maybe four or five. Natural tap water or spring water - not distilled water.
  • Every 33 minutes, except on Thursdays.
  • The best time to drink water is before your major meals, half an hour before. The amount of water needed for health and fitness is eight glasses per day.
  • Whenever you feel like it.
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